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My favorite spots like restaurants and boutiques in Miami city while riding with Uber with artist Emil Alazmora. Zak the baker.

art basel

Hello Dears,

I had such a blast with Uber during Art Basel because I was able to interact with art while not having to worry about driving. I was able to take my lemonade break at Zak The Baker and continue through Wyndwood to see street art. My schedule was so tight but with Uber it more flexible, Uber made it easy to spy the pick up and drop off locations with the statues of Emil Alazmora. His statues are very interesting because it shows the illusion of movement and how people move through time and their experiences. The world around is moving so fast that it shows the idea of progression. Art really moves me because it inspires my creativity and opens my mind to new perspectives in life. I like art that lifts my spirit, I tend to go towards happy characters and bright colors.  

Below is a list of my favorite spots in Miami, if you are visiting or a local in the sunshine state make sure to check out these places:




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