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Hello my lovelies, Wishing you are healthy and surrounded by your loved ones…

One thing that helps me lift my spirit is seeing myself a little put together. For some reason, I have been feeling a bit dressed up lately when I wear jeans.

Since I am all about comfy, I love to wear my jeans on the loose side, rather than tight, plus I love ripped jeans, the ones I am  using for this look are from Sofia Jeans for Walmart Fashion…

Also, It is important that if you are wearing baggy jeans you just wear one baggy piece at a time. Ripped jeans make an everyday look feel casual-cool, but pairing them with too many baggy or oversized pieces can make an outfit seem lazy. In this case, the body was the perfect choice to match with the jeans. It highlighted my figure a little bit more, but at the same time, it made me look effortless – a cool vibe girl. You can either go to a dinner party with it, and dress it up, or stay comfy at home and still look cute.

I loved this outfit, from Walmart Fashion since there are so many ways you can style it! One of the beauties of fashion is playing around with your look, giving it your twist. This is why I wanted to share some tips that always work for me when I am thinking of what to wear.  For this look, I  wanted something sweet, so I added one of my favorite accessories to wear, hats! However, there are many ways to achieve the sweet look, like for example including some necklaces, some colorful shoes that go with it, and of course adding some flirty hair! But more important than anything, is having fun with what you wear.

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